Webcomic Series

At the end of 2016, after I had completed a research report on comic platforms for my bachelors degree,
I decided to give creating webcomics a shot. It's a been a longtime childhood dream but also a tough journey to pursue vigorously and passionately. Still, I sincerely hope that readers find enjoyment in the stories I tell!

Find list of my series below

Love Charm


Modern Fantasy, Romance, Slice of Life

Falling in love has triggered an ancestral curse for Noa Aiyamu that splits her personality in two. But the path to undoing the curse isn't as simple as it seems....

Score on My Heart

2017 - 2022

Romance, Slice of Life, Gaming

Gaming isn't the only thing making Ash's heart race.Ashley Bowton is a competitive gamer. As in very competitive. So what happens when she meets someone who's always at least one point ahead of her? Well, they compete of course!Ashley's here to win. But this guy keeps going against everything she understands about her small world, and friendship is regrettably inevitable. It's not so bad really...

Celeste Academy Fancomic

2017 - Discontinued

Story by MyLovelyWriter
Art by Clipped104